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Give now and provide FREE theater for all!

Help us fulfill our vision of a Brooklyn where EVERYONE can benefit from theater and the arts!

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Building Community Through Free Theater

Arts experiences impact intellect and emotions. They spark ideas and conversations. They keep history alive, challenge prejudice, stimulate empathy and increase civic participation. But not all communities have equal access to these valuable experiences.

Molière in the Park was founded to offer free theater for all, as a way to strengthen social and emotional cohesion among the diverse communities of Brooklyn.

With our main stage intentionally located at the southeast corner of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, our performances are conveniently accessible from surrounding underserved neighborhoods. Through free, inclusively produced and performed performances that explore the human condition in ways that foster compassion rather than division, we are building a richer sense of community in Brooklyn at a time when it’s needed most.

Your support this year-end will ensure we can continue building community in 2023 by:

  • Providing 17 performances of our main stage production, reaching 5,000 people (a 67% increase over our 2022 production)
  • Providing 5 student matinees reaching 1,000 students from 12 public high schools (more than doubling the number of teens reached in 2022)
  • Providing 3 performances of a rehearsed and staged reading, reaching UPWARDS OF 600 people.

Please donate NOW so that we can expand our impact in 2023!